About the Area:

The property is located at the Poleg Industrial Area, off the Poleg Interchange, on the Israeli coastal highway. It is located on the main street, adjacent to IKEA, within walking distance to the Sapir train station.

In the last decade, the region experienced a transition from light industry to retail, office, and high-tech.

The property sits between IKEA, the City shopping mall, and the SOHO shopping center.

About the Property:

  • The property is a three-story building, with GLA OF 6,700 square meter (we own the two upper floors) as well as future building rights.
  • The property has two lobbied entrances, with elevators.
  • In addition, there are 75 reserved parking spots next to the building.
  • Main tenants: StartApp, Cropx, GO Internet Marketing, Total Manpower.

Property Location:

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